Tuesday, January 28, 2014

First Flight with GoPro Hero 3+ Black

The colors are quite drab and dreary in the mountains over the winter, and filming with the GoPro Hero 3 Silver just makes the colors even more washed out. So we swapped it out for the GoPro Hero 3+ Black, hoping to get some more vibrant, true-to-life color in our videos.

This was literally our first ever flight with this brand-new GoPro, so I was flying conservatively, not wanting to make a mistake that would result in lens scratches on the new camera, or worse. So sorry I didn't get in closer to that massive ridge of granite going up the mountainside. Maybe next time!

The winds were very high through this valley today, the GoPro was in Narrow FOV mode (1080p @ 60 FPS), and the gimbal only stabilizes pitch and roll, so those factors combined to create a whole lot of shakiness in the yaw axis. So although we were very impressed by the image quality in Narrow mode, it looks like for future flights we'll want to stick to Medium FOV. That is until we can get a 3-axis gimbal for our GoPro.

The colors certainly came out a lot better than with the old GoPro, but since there was so much haze and leafless or frostbitten vegetation, the video still came out looking fairly dreary and lacking in color. Good thing Spring is almost here!

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